09 Oct 2017 – Lisbon – Public Presentation of the ICCA QMUL TASK FORCE WORKING DRAFT REPORT for PUBLIC COMMENT


The Working Draft Report of the ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force on Third Party Funding in International Arbitration will be made available for public comment from 1 September – 15 October 2017. The Task Force
Co-Chairs, Professor Catherine Rogers, Professor Stavros Brekoulakis and ICCA Governing Board
member Professor W.W. (Rusty) Park, look forward to engaging with public comment on the draft,
which will include chapters on the impact of third party funding on costs and security for costs,
attorney-client privilege, and conflicts, together with overarching chapters on definitions and best

The Task Force on Third-Party Funding will hold a public event in Lisbon, where its Report will be
presented and discussed with the Portuguese Arbitration community. Several members of the Task
Force will join the event. The presentation will be followed by a roundtable discussion led by
distinguished Portuguese practitioners.

More info and registrationinfo@bch.pt

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