Posting a comment – Click Here

Duarte Henriques (anonymous)

Short guideline on how to post a comment.

Posting  a public comment is a very easy and intuitive process. The ” Comment” button is readly accessible at the menu bar, so it is just a matter of clicking that button. This will prompt the page for “Public Comment”.

The user can post her / his comment either as “anonymous” or “attributed”.

Each comment must select a category so that the editors can smoothly forward it to the Task Force.

The “description” field is similar to any modern light word processor, with typing features such as numbers, bullets, underscored, italic, bold, citation, object insertion and link to other contents of the website or external sources.

Alternatively, private comments are possible by simply clicking in the email (private comment) located at the Home Page. Again, the comments made via email will be forwarded to the Task Force.

We are very much looking forward to receiving your comments!


Eric Z. Chang and Duarte G. Henriques