Welcome to the TPF Observatory.

The TPF Observatory is an initiative of Duarte G. Henriques and Eric Z. Chang aimed at facilitating the reading and commenting on the ICCA/Queen Mary University of Law Task Force on Third Party Funding “Draft Report for Public Comment“. (Learn more about ICCA, QMUL, and the Task Force).

The TPF Observatory is an initiative independent from the ICCA/QMUL Task Force on Third Party Funding.

The Task Force has released its Draft Report for Public Comment on Third Party Funding, available HERE, which is now open for public comments, from 1 September to 31 October 2017. With the aim of facilitating the public comment process, Duarte G. Henriques and Eric Chang have created this website in order to (1) disseminate the Draft Report as widely as possible, and (2) provide a platform for any interested parties to provide comments to the Draft Report.

The commenting feature of the online TPF Observatory will be available either by “public comment” or by private email that will be forwarded by the editors of the Observatory to the official Task Force email address.

Beyond this preliminary public comment phase, the TPF Observatory aims to eventually serve as a permanent knowledge base for scholars, commentators, practitioners, and commercial parties interested in the topic of third party funding, whether from an academic, commercial, or policy point of view.

The TPF Observatory will aim to achieve this mission through the following:

  • Undertaking a sustained and in-depth study of third party funding in its commercial, academic, and policy aspects;
  • Staying updated and reporting upon the latest developments in the field;
  • Serving as a timely and comprehensive repository of materials on the topic, including relevant case law, articles, treatises, commentary, and blog posts; and
  • Providing a forum for interested parties to discuss, comment on, and debate issues arising in the field of third party funding.

The TPF Observatory was established by Duarte G. Henriques and Eric Z. Chang, Founding Editors.